I would like something custom made - can you help?

We sure can! Head to our Contact Us page and send us an  email, we would love to work with you. 

Can saddle sacks be attached to saddle with no horn?

Yes! Depending on the saddle type there are still ways to use your saddle sack. Stock saddles with a hole in the swell work just like a horned saddle. If your saddle doesn't have a hole in the swell, clip your saddle sack through your d-rings or even to your belt! 

Are your hides and leather real? 

Yes they sure are! We only use high grade, ethically sourced hides and leather products from our suppliers. Any variations in materials or fabrics are listed on each item. 

Do you offer express postage and rushed orders?

Express postage is offered for all products and is calculated on weight. However - please be aware that paying express postage does not mean your order will be rushed. Check out our Shipping Information page for more details. 


Repairs Policy:

I will repair any bag free of charge (not including shipping) that needs to be repaired due to a manufacturing error up to 12 months after purchase. Any charges for repairs after 12 months from date of purchase will be the responsibility of the bag owner as well as shipping.